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After I quit my job!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Hi, my name is Lady Paulina. Two years ago, I decided to completely quit my glamorous job as an bellydancer in the city of entertainment Las Vegas in order to start traveling the world and rediscovering myself. With some savings and a backpack in my arm, I started my march to travel. Traveling is not only my passion, but it has also taught me to live a life without fear and to connect with everything around me! Each place has its own magic and with it a teaching lesson! Discovering new cultures is simply fascinating. I have learned to be more in the present and I’ve connected with God knowing that He walks with me! I never thought of telling this part of my story or making content for social media! My travels have led me to my inner journey, my spiritual growth, and to become one with God and with everything! I see His majesty reflected in each place, each person, and in each smile. His majesty is also reflected in each moment of insecurity, each tear, and my moments of anger. But all of this has led me to rediscover the woman, who had gotten lost along the way. I learned that achieving success, money, or fame was worthless if I felt empty and exhausted! I learned that the beauty of a woman comes from within, cultivating values ​​and principles that only God can cultivate in you! I learned that in solitude and silence are all the answers we need to become the best version of ourselves. I learned that there are wonderful people in the world! I learned that it is worth dreaming and you only have to trust what you cannot see! Today, new paths and opportunities have been opened in my life. Ones that I never imagined. In These new path I do what i love to do coaching others in their life to detach themselves from ties, fears, and life patterns which separate us from the incomparable blessings that God has prepared for everyone! If you have a dream go after it. What are you waiting for? Remember that you will never be alone! Today I ask you, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”- Mary Oliver

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